Who are we?

Casa de Vivi was born with the idea of making visitors feel like they are truly at home with friends. A place you can go to with your eyes closed, without thinking about it for a second, because you know you’ll feel right at home. And yes, you can even bring your pet.

Any plan is welcome at Casa de Vivi: a coffee, a cocktail, enjoying lunch or dinner, or watching the fireworks from our terrace. In good company everything tastes better. And Casa de Vivi opens its arms wide to bring you cozy, carefully designed environments, as well as endless ideas for having fun. Something always happens at Casa de Vivi and we always enjoy it too, because as a team, we’re just like family.

Casa de Vivi is about enjoying life (#SomosVividora). We love sharing different experiences, moving around for friends and travel, art exhibitions and DJ sessions, improvised performances and plays, and of course to eat and drink. A good cocktail (GOT), some crunchy salt cod fritters, and of course for our local wines.